Wake County Approves Alternate Map for Fuquay ETJ.

The Wake County Commisioners have approved the Alternate Map for the Fuquay ETJ.


see Wake county website here http://www.wakegov.com/fvetj/Pages/default.aspx

For those of you that have gotten your parcels out I am truly happy for you.  Unfortunately with Fuquay increasing it’s ETJ with 10,000+ more acres I fear that the County Commissioners have still endorsed Fuquay’s irresponsible development and this behavior will continue until the residents of Fuquay who are allowed to vote make the necessary changes.

I will leave this site active in case it is needed in the future but for now congratulations to those who remain in the county and thank you to all those who made their voices heard.  Our freedoms can only be maintained by staying vigilant and being willing to speak out.

10 thoughts on “Wake County Approves Alternate Map for Fuquay ETJ.

  1. We are so happy and relieved that our commissioners thought this out instead of acting on the garbage information they got from Fuquay-Varina. Thank you to all the commissioners!


  2. Hi there! It’s hard to tell from the map. Do you know how I can get my hands on a list of actual parcels?

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    1. I don’t know where a parcel list would be found. You may have to contact Wake County Planning. The Map can zoom in pretty far so maybe just zoom in and compare with Wake county IMAPS


  3. Thank you to all who spoke out and a salute to this site. Without this site my wife and I would not have known about the county meetings. Unfortunately, I believe that FV will continue to pursue the ETJ in the future. They must be upset that, in their words, “a Vocal minority” derailed their plan.


  4. “Vocal minority!” The only people who spoke in favor of it was Fuquay and the board who suspiciously have a large number of people involved in real estate. Thanks so much for this site-we move into the area and became aware of the issue due to the signs. This site was the only thing to inform us of the meetings so thank you. If someone could let me know, that would be great—just wanted to double check that if we are in the blue (not the line area) did we get out?


  5. Thank you for keeping this Blog site open, and everyone’s efforts in trying to defeat this effort. With all of the mature subdivisions that have been cast into the limbo of this ETJ, I think there might be plenty of additional support for further effort. To anyone reading this, please study the “Alternate ETJ” that WCC approved. If your subdivision has an HOA of any type, everyone needs to be aware of the precarious status being in this ETJ places your property and its value. You are now governed in your day to day life by the Town of FV – no longer Wake County. And you cannot vote the Town Regulators out of office because, well, you just have no vote in what they say or do.
    All the more reason to keep a very close eye on the Town of FV Town Council meetings, etc ………. this is where all the stuff gets ramrodded through ……….. and I’m sure the new Annexations and rezonings will run wild now that they “own” the expanded ETJ. Afterall, it serves the best interests of the Town Council filled with Developers, Lawyers, Bankers, and Real Estate representatives ……… now the Fox is definitely guarding the henhouse.


  6. I am apart of the alternate ETJ expansion highlighted in orange bars. But I am right next to the corporate limits? In dark grey what is that? It’s at the very bottom where all those vented houses are being built!


      1. I think those “gray” areas are land already part of FV (ie., in the Town limits, paying taxes, etc.). I live in Olde Waverly subdivision and, unfortunately, got cast into the limbo of ETJ, in spite of my numerous logical pleas to be excluded.. Our subdivision is SURROUNDED by areas in FV “Town Limits” that have all been annexed and rezoned from either Wake County R30, or Farm Use designation to “Medium Density” Town designation, which is up to 6 houses per acre.
        So, you can BET that if you’re in the Orange Bar ETJ, and property next to you doesn’t have any houses on it ……. hang on to your hat – the Town is going to go wild annexing and rezoning ALL of this in the next couple of years. There’s just too much MONEY not to do it. And with a Mayor Pro Tem Developer, a Real Estate Broker, a Banker, a Lawyer, etc., comprising the Town Board ……. well …….. I think you catch my drift.
        Anyway – the short answer to your question is that those Gray areas are already part of FV Town Tax base.


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