Fuquay Varina owes the Wake County Commissioners an apology

The leadership of Fuquay Varina is too arrogant to make this apology so I will do it for them.

Dear Wake County Commissioners,

The town of Fuquay Varina has embarked on a grand mission to take advantage of the growth in the area and would like to maximize this opportunity to our own benefit.  In order to do so we have invested millions in water and sewer infrastructure in order to prepare thousands of acres for single family homes.  We are so hell bent on this path, that we submitted the full 3 mile ETJ that is legally allowed by the state for your consideration.  We did this, without any regard for what is right or logical for the current citizens in the area.  We did this, knowing full well that the County staff, Planning board, and Commissioners would be forced to do the real work of looking at the individual parcels and making the hard decisions.  In doing this we completely offloaded our duty to be responsible stewards of local government.  Commissioners, we have made you take the political cost of our irresponsible behavior and for that we are sorry.  We checked the boxes required to submit this ETJ request by hosting public sessions where we basically just told the residents what was going to happen.  We didn’t actually intend for any of them to raise concerns or be allowed to speak at these sessions but they of course demanded to anyway.  We made small and inconsequential changes to our ordinances to attempt to appease them. However, it seems their desire to be left alone and not be told how they can live on their own land is strong.  We should have embarked on this process as good neighbors and made ordinances that would allow ETJ residents to feel little impact of the change until the time came that they wanted to develop their land.  If we had did this, then there would have been little reason for people to get upset other than of course our reckless approval of development after development without any effective road improvements.  We didn’t do this because frankly, we don’t care about personal freedoms.  We care about how a mobile home owned by a family on their own land could lower the resale value of an entire new housing development.  We care that a homestead’s rooster could make too much noise beside a development that has $400,000 homes.  We can’t worry about peoples personal freedoms, we have too many expensive homes to build.

Finally, we are sorry for the following letter we sent to you on October 14th.  Even though we forced you to do what we should have done from the beginning.  We forced you to host real public comment sessions.  We forced you and county staff to dig into the people and parcels that this is affecting.  Despite this, we still had the nerve to send you a condescending, and disrespecting letter complaining about reasonable changes to the ETJ area.  Wake county Commissioners… Please accept our apology and grant us our land…. dammit.

Please see the town’s real letter to the commissioners below.

2019.10.14 FV Letter To Wake County Commissioners Letter 10-14-2019- ETJ Board

Commissioners please don’t allow Fuquay to continue to overdevelop the area surrounding the town.  Tap the brakes on this… They are not the right people to be looking out for the residents of Southern Wake county.

6 thoughts on “Fuquay Varina owes the Wake County Commissioners an apology

  1. OMG!!! This is PERFECT!!! I love it!

    On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 2:19 PM Stop Fuquay ETJ Expansion wrote:

    > StopFuquayETJ posted: “The leadership of Fuquay Varina is too arrogant to > make this apology so I will do it for them. Dear Wake County Commissioners, > The town of Fuquay Varina has embarked on a grand mission to take advantage > of the growth in the area and would like to maximi” >


  2. Wow. Thanks for posting this and especially THANKS for writing it… It is quite an excellent response. I just hope the WCC’s think the same way, but I’m not so sure… It sounds like FV still wants the whole original ETJ area , instead of the cut-in-half area… Any idea which way the commissioners are leaning? They vote on Monday, I think…


  3. I do believe WCC Board does bring this up on Monday. Please, if at all possible, attend this WCC meeting. Commissioners (OUR elected officials) need to know we are watching (and subsequently voting in the next vote for Board Commissioners election). Given all of the community resistance (to being placed in an ETJ with no voting rights over “rule and regulation making authorities”) and seemingly willful violations of land development criteria and ordinance the ETJ request embodies, seems hard to imagine its approval. We’ll see.


  4. Well said. You nailed it. Monday is the next scheduled vote unless it is tabled again. Thank you for allyour input to the public on this matter!Joy Daubenspeck


  5. Shoestring. adjective. Definition of shoestring 1 : narrow and long like a shoestring french fries. 2 : operating on, accomplished by, or consisting of a small amount of money or capital a shoestring budget.

    Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction by “shoestring?”

    Hmm, how to do this?
    Annex a thin veneer of the property along routes traversing the area you wish to conquer so that satellite corporate limits can be called primary corporate limits. Doing this allows a burgeoning metropolis like the one run by Mayor John Byrne, aka Fuquay Varina, seize control of 11,000 or 22,000 surrounding acres from otherwise peace-loving, red-blooded, constitution-supporting property and business owners, aka, the deplorables. First, you tie these dimwitted property owners in a shoestring web of ETJ control, and then you annex them when you’ve spent all your own citizens’ tax revenues. In the meantime, creating gordian knots of traffic, a density of bedrooms that one must otherwise travel to LA for, a fine-grained mesh of fast-food establishments and gas stations you call “cultural,” and pray that these invincibly ignorant landholders don’t turn you into the geographical Dunkin Donuts equivalent of the donut hole from which no bureaucrat escapes. Who knows? You may go the way of the Boone ETJ! Many are praying and preparing for just such an outcome.


  6. As a member of the VOCAL MINORITY … the only entity threatening public health and quality of life in Southern Wake County is a Municipality whose RMD development patterns are out of control. I do not oppose SMART growth. Thank you for your insight into the ongoing process before OUR Wake County Commissioners!


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