The Fuquay-Varina ETJ Expansion  Public Hearing in front of the Wake County Board of Commissioners is set to occur at 5 p.m. (or soon thereafter) on Tuesday, Sept. 3, in downtown Raleigh at the Wake County Justice Center, 301 South McDowell Street, Room # 2700, 2nd Floor.  It is of the utmost importance that you attend and if possible speak during the Public Hearing.  Anyone can only speak for 3 minutes.

All you need to do at the Public Hearing is simply read & state the following:

Your name & address and then say:  “I humbly & respectfully request that the Wake County Commissioners please, please do not place my property in Fuquay-Varina’s ETJ.  I want my property to remain totally in Wake County’s jurisdiction, so my property will still be under the jurisdiction of the Wake County Commissioners.  When property is placed in FV’s ETJ, the Wake County Commissioners and Planning Board and staff no longer has  legal authority and cannot help me regarding matters specifically related to land use, zoning, permitting, inspections, etc. and I will have to abide totally by FV’s ordinances. I am not allowed to vote for any elected official in Fuquay-Varina but yet FV will be controlling my property likely for decades.  I will have no voting rights regarding Fuquay’s  elected officials.  You–Wake County Commissioners–are MY elected officials NOT anyone in the Town of Fuquay-Varina “.     End of statement you should read at Sept 3 Public Hearing.

You can say whatever you prefer; the above statement is just a suggestion that anyone should be capable and comfortable of reading.

Remember, if your property is placed in FV’s ETJ,  the Wake County Commissioners will have no statutory authority over your land with regards to zoning, land use, permits, inspections, etc.

U will be required to abide by Fuquay’s ordinances, and you cannot vote for them likely for DECADES unless u live inside the city limits.

REMEMBER——The FV  ETJ is NOT the same thing as the FV city limits.

Regarding Transportation —  Attendees may opt to look into riding the Route 7 South Saunders Street Go Raleigh bus to the Wake County Justice Center & park near the bus stop at Big Lots, Garner Station, or at the bus stop on Mechanical Blvd at Lowe’s Home Improvement, Garner.  Round trip bus ride cost is approx $2.50 & exact change is required.  HOWEVER, the outbound bus stop to return to your car is at the corner of West Cabarrus Street & South Dawson Street about a block away from the Wake County Justice Center.  The trip is approx 25 minutes long each way.  Check the GoRaleigh bus web site for specific details and direct questions regarding the bus schedule, bus stops, cost, and route to the GoRaleigh bus entity rather than to me.

Thank you.

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