Wake County Commissioners Holding Work Session on 6/10/2019 to discuss Fuquay-Varina ETJ

We are quickly approaching the “End Game” on our struggle to keep our right to vote for the people that make the rules that govern our property.  People have asked me why this is so personal to me.  It is personal because I was raised to believe that what made America special was the fact that we could vote to elect the people that create the laws that we live under.  There is nothing more personal than local government.  It is the local government that governs the most intimate details of our lives.  Now I am being told that the local government that is going to have the most impact on my daily life is not going to be held in check by my vote.  For the rest of my life I will not have a say on who these people are.  They will have no incentive to create rules that are fair or policies that will provide a better life for the citizens of this “ETJ”.  Basically they are saying “Well if you want a vote then let us Annex your property”  This is just another method of forced annexation, exactly what the General Assembly tried to eliminate in 2011.

This will be our only opportunity to plead our case to our elected officials.  After almost a year of dealing with people who are either in un-elected positions or people who are elected by the town, We finally get to address the people who are supposed to be representing us.

The work Session on Monday is not for public comment but please e-mail our commissioners at commissioners@wakegov.com This will go to all the commissioners.


6/10/2019  2:00PM  Monday  Wake County Justice Center 301 S. McDowell St. Conference Room 2800

Many of you have already e-mailed them, but please remind them that if they let this ETJ go through, this is the last time we will get to address a local elected official that represents us.  Please remind them that Fuquay already has hundreds of acres that has been ETJ for over 35 years.  Just like those property owners, we will also be subject to rules that we have no say over for the rest of our lives.  Please remind them that the town of Fuquay is wholly focused on growing as fast as possible and building as many houses as possible at the cost of the quality of life for the residents around the town.  Please remind them that the idea of “Smart Growth” with high population centers in the city center is being smashed to bits by Fuquay’s higher density neighborhood building scattered over thousands of acres of southern wake county.  Please remind them that in the United States we look out for the rights of our citizens and only remove those rights when we absolutely have no other option.

Soon a public comment session will be held where we can address our Commissioners directly.  Please try and stay engaged over the next few months.  We are getting close to the end.

One thought on “Wake County Commissioners Holding Work Session on 6/10/2019 to discuss Fuquay-Varina ETJ

  1. I sent the following e-mail to commissioners, along with 3 pdf files mentioned in the e-mail for commissioners consideration.

    “TO: Wake County Commissioners
    FROM: William Wilkison – via e-mail

    SUBJECT: Fuquay Varina ETJ Expansion Request

    It is my understanding that Commissioners will meet Monday, June 10, 2019 in a “no public comment” meeting to review Planning Committee recommendations on Subject. In past responses to Planning Committee meetings and public hearings, I have submitted my“By the Numbers” Table regarding the many issues impacted by this large ETJ land expansion. I also previously made a specific request to the Planning Committee (via e-mail) to remove my subdivision, Olde Waverly, out of this expanded ETJ.

    I have attached a copy of the “By the Numbers Table”, and a copy of the request I made to the planning committee. As far as I can determine, the planning committee has ignored my Olde Waverly exemption request and included the subdivision in their proposed ETJ expansion.

    Issues cited in the Table argue that the Proposed ETJ Expansion not be granted. They also demand that future Fuquay Varina ETJ expansion requests not receive consideration by the Wake County Planning Board unless and until guaranteed projects for correction are defined along with definitive actions ensuring these items are paid for.

    If this ETJ expansion action was submitted to a VOTE of citizens impacted, it would be soundly defeated. Sadly, residents in these 23,000 acres (or however many have been recommended by the planning committee) have no direct voting rights on this matter.

    The explosive and uncontrolled growth in Fuquay Varina currently underway is benefitting a few (special interests) but compromising public safety and quality of life for thousands of southern Wake County residents. Infrastructure is already strained, yet 8,300 new homes are approved and under way with no accompanying concurrent infrastructure expansion plan in place. Granting free rein to thousands of more acres to the town seems to double down on an already compromised situation and simply “more of the same”.

    The town argues (in a YouTube video, no less) that roads, etc. are in control of Wake County, NCDOT, or other entities, not FV. While this may be true, it is a terrible argument – it should be the responsibility of the Town to coordinate infrastructure expansion (roads, power supplies, environmental impact, etc) with external entities before granting additional land expansion that further exacerbates already terrible conditions.

    County Commissioners have ultimate responsibility to the community at large to ensure safety and quality of life for citizenry. Commissioners are the only remaining entities between citizens and this request to devote any additional acreage to an already untenable condition.

    If I were able to address the commissioners today, what I might say further is in the third attachment.

    Thank you for your consideration of this matter, and I look forward to the opportunity to speak to you directly at the appropriate time in the future.

    I can’t figure out how to attach the Tables here in this comment, but the address what I’ve stated in the above text.

    William Wilkison
    7917 Twin Pines Way
    Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

    I couldn’t figure out how to attach the 3 pdf files in this comment area.


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