March 20th Wake County Land Use Committee Meeting

The next Wake County Land Use Committee Meeting is scheduled for Wed, March 20, from noon – 3 p.m.. The Committee will discuss & deliberate Fuquay-Varina’s massive 22,049-acre ETJ Expansion request. The public can attend & listen & observe the proceedings but cannot address the Committee unless a member of the Committee asks a member of the public in attendance to speak, and the Committee could and may do that.
The FV ETJ Expansion request is “THE LARGEST” ETJ Expansion request Wake County has EVER received from any Wake County city or town.
NOTE: Residents, who may be affected, will not receive a hard copy notification of the March 20 Wake County Land Use Committee in their mailbox. 

Location Conference Room 2800, 2nd Floor, Wake County Justice Center, 301 S. McDowell St., downtown Raleigh.

I am very encouraged by the continued engagement by the Wake County Land Use Committee.  I am truly hopeful that this committee will make a wise recommendation to the board and thus to the County Commissioners.  Please don’t be discouraged by this long arduous process.  Remember this workshop meeting wouldn’t even be occurring if the citizens didn’t show up in force against this ETJ in the previous meetings.  We are making a difference and our work and determination will pay off in the end.

Please take a look at this blog article that picked up our story.

NC Liberty Report

2 thoughts on “March 20th Wake County Land Use Committee Meeting

  1. Who exactly are these planning board members and what are their email addresses? I want to send them an email with statistical data hoping they might have questions and allow me to comment at this meeting but it is not perfectly clear (on the website) who comprises this “board”.
    I definitely plan to attend the meeting.


  2. Bill,

    The Current Planning Board members can be found here

    ​JASON BARRON ​ CHAIR ​2/28/2020
    ​AMOS CLARK ​ ​2/28/2020
    ​PHIL FEAGAN ​ ​2/28/2019
    ​ASA FLEMING ​ ​2/28/2020
    TARA KREIDER ​ ​2/28/2019
    ​BILL JENKINS ​ ​2/28/2020
    SUSAN SANFORD ​ ​2/28/2020
    THOMAS WELLS​​​ ​VICE CHAIR ​2/28/2019
    ​TED VAN DYKE ​ ​2/28/2020

    I don’t have their e-mail addresses.
    a few of the board members are also on the Land Use Committee


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