Reminder for the Wake County Land Use Committee meeting today

Please come.. We need your support

Wed., Feb 20, Wake County Planning Dept Land Use Committee Meeting from 11 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. in downtown Raleigh, Wake County Justice Center, Wake County Commission Meeting Room #2700, 301 S. McDowell St, Raleigh.

The document below was created to begin collecting signatures as a show of support.  many signatures have already been collected.  Hopefully this will be available at the meeting today to collect signatures as well.


This e-mail was sent out by Twin Oaks Feed and Supply.  Thank you for helping to put an end to Fuquay’s ETJ initiative.

From: Connie Tutor <>
Date: Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 10:39 PM
Subject: VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ Concerning F-V ETJ Affecting Your Properties & Livelihoods
Hi there,

We wanted to update the community about a very important issue that is affecting us personally, our business, our community including many of our customers like you and your properties, animals, and home businesses. Sorry for the long post but PLEASE READ its entirety including the statues copied and pasted about what is currently ALREADY in the town’s ordinances that may affect you now or anyone in the future looking to come into the area or add to their property. We need the public to be aware because many people do not realize what is going on or how its affecting them and we need to show a huge support of people who do NOT want to be included in this ETJ to the Wake County Commissioners meeting this Wednesday from 11-3:30 in downtown Raleigh at the Wake County Justice Center. Please come and sign up to speak (3 minute max) so that they may not grant the town of Fuquay the full acreage they are trying to reach out to if at all, because if not we will be forced to comply with restrictions for anything done on our property and have to pay higher fees for permits to the town of Fuquay with NO benefits to us at all (no water, no sewage, no voting in elections).
Here’s what’s happening in a synopsis: The town of Fuquay wants to expand their territory (ETJ=Extra Territorial Jurisdiction) to a 3 mile radius as the crow flies in every direction as the current city limit signs up until the county line. They will basically be like an HOA is to a subdivision forcing you to abide by certain restrictions regarding fencing, number of animals per acre, barns/stables certain requirements, limit the number of chickens including coop and run size, no selling chicks or adult birds or eggs for profit, limit number of bee hives, as well as many restrictions for home businesses and more. These ordinances have already been set as of January 7 at the last meeting, but honestly seem ridiculous and unconstitutional. If you are a current landowner you should have been notified by letter, but this also affects anyone renting as well. If you have over 10 acres you should be considered a bona fide farm but if you chose to add a structure or fencing you would have to abide by the regulations if within the ETJ. This primarily affects people’s residence with less than 10 acres or who move into the area thinking they can do this and that without such restrictions or pay extra fees. Some things are grandfathered in but its a very gray area there but for instance if you currently have 20 chickens you can keep them but if something happens to some of them or they die off you have to comply and won’t be allowed but 10 chickens maximum and if your rooster dies you can’t have another one. Problems will also come from nosy neighbors who complain and enforce the authorities and you may have a lot to lose, be forced to get rid of animals, move and rebuild fencing or pay fines. This comes at no benefit to the residents in the ETJ because they will NOT be able to vote for the town of Fuquay in elections or town business concerning them, nor will they have access to city water and sewage. Then it probably won’t be long before they impose higher property taxes as well. We want to help save the family farms we have left and those who have smaller properties but want the freedoms to do as they please and have animals too. Many of us chose to live where we are (not in a subdivision with an HOA) because we want to keep our farms and don’t want such regulations to be forced upon us.
Please come to the meeting Wednesday, February 20 from 11:00-3:30 in downtown Raleigh at the Wake County Justice Center in the Wake County Commissioners Room 2007 on the 2nd floor. Though it is inconvenient for many folks to attend, it is very important to attend in large numbers to show the commissioners that we do NOT want to be FORCED into such bogus restrictions and fees the town of Fuquay is trying to incorporate into the ETJ. Maybe they will only grant them 1 mile radius or NONE AT ALL. Please speak up at the meeting in the 3 minute allotment you’d have if only to say “We do NOT want to be part of the ETJ” so if they hear it over and over maybe we will make an impact to the county commissioners.
This link is what was changed and passed at the meeting on January 7 specifically the chickens, animal agriculture, buildings, fencing, and home business restrictions:—Clean-Up-Amendment-7
Here is some copied and pasted ordinances that have already been put into affect that you would be expected to abide by some of which was part of the above link but shortened of the 800+ pages document:

Accessory Use, Residential – Chickens. Chickens that are not part of a bona fide farm are permitted under the following standards:

A. Standards for Chickens as an Accessory Use. Chickens within a structure on a zoning lot for single-family detached residential use in the Residential Agricultural Zoning (RA) Zoning District, Residential Low Density (RLD) Zoning District, Residential Medium Density (RMD) Zoning District, Residential High Density (RHD) Zoning District, and Planned Unit Development (PUD) Zoning District, are permitted under the following standards:

  1. Chicken Coop & Pen Permit Required. A chicken coop & pen permit application must be obtained through the Planning Department that shall include submittal of a plot plan showing the location and dimensions of the chicken coop and chicken pen, with setback dimensions from all property lines.
  2. Maximum Number. The maximum number of female chickens (hens) permitted in accordance with the following standards. Roosters are prohibited.
    1. Corporate Limits. The maximum number of hens shall not exceed five (5).
    2. Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). The maximum number of hens shall not

      exceed 10.

  3. Personal Use Only. The use of chickens on a zoning lot shall be for personal use only; no eggs, chicks, adult chickens and process chickens shall be sold. The sale or distribution of compost using chicken manure shall be prohibited.
  4. Design & Construction of the Coop. The chicken coop shall be designed and constructed to secure chickens in the coop during non-daylight hours with proper ventilation, suitable shelter, protected from weather conditions and security from rodents, wild birds and predators.
    1. Design & Construction of the Pen. The chicken pen shall be designed and constructed to secure chickens in the pen during daylight hours; all four (4) sides of the pen shall be fenced a minimum of six (6) feet high using gauge wire with a self-latching gate. The chicken coop shall be located within or attached to the fenced pen area.
    2. Dimensions of Coop & Pen.
      1. Corporate Limits. The chicken coop shall have a maximum size of 12 feet by 12 feet in any direction. The pen shall have a maximum size of 300 square feet.
      2. Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. The chicken coop and pen shall have no minimum or maximum size requirement.
    3. Prohibited Coop Locations. A chicken coop and pen shall not include residential structures or garages, nor be located within any designated buffer, landscape easement, stormwater management area, conservation easement, or utility easement (water, sewer, or storm drainage).
    4. Located in Rear Yard Only. The chicken coop and/or pen shall only be permitted in the rear yard, as defined in the Land Development Ordinance, of a zoning lot and shall comply with a minimum setback of 15 feet from the side and rear property lines, and in addition:

    1. Proximity to Residential Structures. The chicken coop and pen shall belocated closer to the owners’ principal structure than any adjacent principal structure.

    B. Required Maintenance

    1. Maintenance. The chicken coop shall be clean and sanitary, with all droppings

      and organic materials properly disposed of.

    2. Prohibited Activity. On-site slaughter of chickens shall be prohibited.
    3. Disposal. If a chicken dies from causes other than slaughter, it shall be promptly placed into a plastic bag, which shall be closed securely and disposed with household waste.

    (3) Accessory Use, Residential – Agricultural Animals. Agricultural animals, as defined, shallbe permitted on residential lots in the Town’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) under the following standards, unless otherwise provided by the Land Development Ordinance.

    1. Maximum Number. Agricultural animals, as defined, shall be permitted in accordance with the following:
      1. Lots Less Than One (1) Acre. No more than two (2) agricultural animals shall be permitted.
      2. Lots One (1) to Two (2) Acres. No more than five (5) agricultural animals shall be permitted.

      iii. Lots Greater than Two (2) Acres. No maximum number of agricultural animals shall apply to lots greater than two (2) acres in size.

    2. Location. Any stable or structure housing animals shall be a minimum of 100 feet from any adjacent residential structure.
    3. Fenced Enclosure. Any fence enclosure shall be permitted in accordance with the following standards:
      1. The fenced area or other enclosure, not including stable, shall be located at a minimum of four (or zero (0) feet if agreed mutually by adjoining property owners through an agreement.
      2. Fence Permit. A fence permit is required from the Town in accordance with Article Q Procedures & Administration, §9-1808 Common Application Procedures, l. Fence Permit.

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