Wake County Planning Board Land Use Committee Meeting

Every so often I have to eat my words and today is one of those days.  I attended the Wake County Planning Board Land Use Committee Meeting today.  This was for areas 1-3 of the ETJ request.  I went in expecting more of the same type of treatment that I have grown used to while attending the city meetings.  I am sure you know what I am talking about.  That feeling that everyone is there just checking a box to say that it was completed.

Today’s meeting was very refreshing.  The committee seemed genuinely concerned with the issues that were raised.  They did not seem ready to simply hand over our freedoms to the whims of the Fuquay planning department.  Now I am not so foolish as to think the tide has turned and suddenly the powers that be will simply leave us alone.  That being said,  I am optimistic that we can make a difference in the outcome.

I didn’t even bother posting the meeting prior because honestly, I was hesitant to ask for others to give up more of their time to pointless fruitless meetings.  I now see that this was a mistake.  Fortunately this is not a mistake that can’t be corrected.

The next meeting is Wednesday Feb. 20th at 11:00AM @Wake County Justice Center , 301 S. McDowell St. Raleigh.  At this meeting we will be discussing all 5 areas of the Fuquay ETJ.


I know this meeting is during the day and it requires going to downtown Raleigh but please write this into your calendar and make a point to go.  It would be great if you are willing to say a few words but just showing up will go a long way.  I know it is easy to  get discouraged and start believing the old adage “You Can’t Fight City Hall” but trust me when I say that this will not be another pointless fruitless meeting.  The committee is willing to listen and their recommendations will carry a lot of weight with the county Commissioners.  I promise I will only ask for your attendance at two more meetings.  This one on Feb 20th and the Commissioners meeting whenever it is finally scheduled.

If you have been waiting from the sidelines now is the time to get involved.  Let’s show the committee that Fuquay’s over-reach is not acceptable and not in the best interest of the citizens of Southern Wake County.

For others who attended today’s meeting please leave comments on your thoughts.  If you plan to go to the Feb 20th meeting please let us know in the comments as well.


10 thoughts on “Wake County Planning Board Land Use Committee Meeting

  1. Thank you for your report, but sorry Jeff–I’m not buying in to kumbaya moments or epiphanies with this crowd. This is just more of the same kind of smoke the planning folks like Matt Whatshisname were blowing up our backsides back at election time.

    While I do think city hall can occasionally be fought and conquered from time to time, I remain convinced that simply going to their meetings, whether conducted as seemingly cordial and concerned or rude and blunt (like we’ve become used to from F-V), will never change anything for us, whom they clearly view as serfs.

    This is a very legal matter for the county and F-V. And as long as they can keep it from becoming one for us they’ve won their day, plain and simple. The protection of our property and its attendant freedoms will require us to have our day in court, nothing less, nothing more. That’s what they understand and resonate to, nothing less, nothing more.


  2. If the county commissioners really want to know the will of the people, then let them send a letter polling all the landowners as to our wishes. After all, we are the ones affected by the final decision.
    They have the database to easily do it.


  3. Thanks for this very positive news. I definitely plan on being there for the February 20 meeting. In the interim, (prior to that meeting) I am still considering sending my “By the Numbers” write up chart along to the Planning and Development group to Bryan Coates’ attention. I think it might be good for them to have to “study” prior to the next Public discussion, rather than just presenting all that detail in a Public Comment forum – should allow for more effective discussion as these are REAL areas this Planning function should be considering in their deliberations (at least in my opinion).
    I’m wondering what the meeting format is and when public comment is available. Is this an ongoing discussion amongst Planning Board Members with Public Input along the way, or just at some particular time in an Agenda? An 11:00 am to 3:30 pm is a pretty long meeting time. Oh – and is their an Agenda for the meeting?

    Bill Wilkison


    1. Bill,

      I expect the meeting will be very similar to the first one. the agenda for yesterday’s meeting is located here.

      Click to access 1-30-19%20Land%20Use%20Committee%20Agenda.pdf

      During public comment each person gets three minutes to speak. If you have a written statement you can leave it with the clerk to be disseminated to the committee.
      At the conclusion of the next meeting the committee will debate and make a recommendation to the full county planning board. This will all role up to the Commissioners in the end.

      I don’t think I would bother sending items to Bryan Coates. My suggestion is to send items to the planning board itself via the Clerk to the board Russ O’Melia russ.omelia@wakegov.com



  4. An add on to my prior comment. I just saw the Draft report of the Jan 30, 2019 meeting from Mr. Coates. On quick perusal, it just looked like a regurgitation of the FV Town Petion request discussed. I didn’t see any notes about Public comment. Shouldn’t ALL public comment, whether objection or supporting be a part of the official record.
    I know FV Town doesn’t do this in their “hearing meeting” minutes. The make a note of who spoke, but NOTHING about what they said. In the last on of these kangaroo court hearings I attended, I got cut off by the Mayor and told to sit down after my 3 minutes – about 1/3 of the way through what I wanted to say. I complied, but handed a hard copy of my talk to the person facilitating the comments section and ask they be made a part of the meeting minutes – didn’t happen – pretty sure they went straight to the shredder.
    For a “Day in court” after this is all done If/when that happens), it seems important to have substantive evidence of PUblic Comment (that may have been ignored).


    1. Yep, this is exactly the way business is transacted. William, your table is a tremendous compilation. I think that when you’re ready it should be sent to the county (but not F-V whom we are not acknowledging as authoritative). I think it’s also time to get the N&O reporter covering this the data as well (cf. https://www.newsobserver.com/news/business/article213089794.html). I have some data from last year that may also be of interest. Get hold of me if you’d like to discuss. -g


    2. Bill,

      I believe you are referring to this

      Click to access FV%20ETJ%20Staff%20Report%20Areas%201-3%20Draft.pdf

      That is just the County Planning Department presenting the request that was sent to them by Fuquay. I am not sure that the committee meeting minutes are posted anywhere. Keep in mind that the County Planning Board is separate from the County Planning Department Staff. In theory the Planning Board is supposed to advise the Planning staff and the Commissioners to “ensure that planning and development in Wake County will occur in a coordinated and harmonious manner.”
      The Full Planning Board minutes are posted here and based on my review they do post comments from those meetings.


  5. Concerning the January 30 meeting – the committee member to the chairperson’s right asked what I thought was an important question and it never got answered. When others were saying that annexation is voluntary, he asked how was this done, by the individual property owner or by the community?

    And later in the meeting I thought I heard the committee member to the chairperson’s left say, “I hope everyone in this room understands that after land is approved as an ETJ, annexation is no longer voluntary.”

    Could we please have clarification on this. If the Wake county commissioners approve us as an ETJ, is annexation of my property no longer voluntary? If this is so, I think if more people knew this, more people would show up for the February 20 meeting and tell the Land Use Committee they are against annexation of their land and they don’t want to be in the city of Fuquay Varina. I think it will be the last chance to influence the committee before they vote and take their recommendation to the commissioners.

    If annexation is no longer voluntary after we are an ETJ, then NOW is the time to stop it. I need clarification on this issue. Thanks.

    Maggie Stewart (area 3)

    P.S Nothing against F-V. I have heard it is a nice town. But I don’t want to live in the city. I like living in the country.


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