Comment from William Wilkison

(I wanted to post this as a new article so it is not buried in the comments section. Thanks for your post William  “Jeff Burdine”)

After receiving the Letter I’m sure everyone else received from Bryan Coates regarding the Jan 30 and Feb 20 Wake County Planning, Development & Inspections meetings, I have put together the following to send to Mr. Coates for consideration. I plan to make the February 20 meeting since I am in Area 4 (or 5) – Olde Waverly Subdivision – the map that was attached on back of his letter was hard to decipher.

I also plan on sending it to our recently elected representative (Matt Calabria) also prior to the meeting. I also want to invite Mr. Calabria to come to Fuquay Varina and drive the roads at NIGHT and during rush hour on his own (some time other than riding in the Christmas Parade right behind the Mayor’s lead car).

Before I send this memo and Table to him though, I would appreciate any thoughts and feedback as to the “appropriateness” of the writing. I have tried to keep it factual and subjective. Here is my e-mail text and a “by the numbers” chart.

“TO: Bryan Coates, Planner III

FROM: William Wilkison


Thank you for your Notice on Subject. I hope to attend one of the February meetings to speak before the Planning Board to elaborate on the following objection.

I am NOT opposed to carefully planned and controlled community growth and expansion.
I AM strongly opposed to the approval of the Subject request due to a track record of poor planning, poor approval process, and poor implementation (among other things).

Over the past several years the Town has demonstrated a record of very careless Annexations and Rezonings, willfully ignoring pleas of existing citizenry to develop supporting infrastructure either before or at least in tandem with the explosive growth of 8,000 new homes and at least 16,000 cars to an already overburdened traffic, lighting, and safety infrastructure.

The resulting traffic nightmares, inadequate lighting, potential for crime, dangers, flooding impact, and a myriad of other consequences that compromise quality of life for existing residents is unacceptable as it now exists, let alone handing the Town another 23,000 acres to continue this rampant and uncontrolled “growth” plan at the expense of existing citizenry.

This 23,000 acre land grab will place current outlying areas only within the ETJ (not within town limits, which I don’t want anyway), thus giving residents NO VOTING RIGHTS over rulings, regulations, laws, etc. voted by Town Commissioners who seem to largely ignore the pleas of citizens at their ‘Town Hearings’.

Instead of writing on regarding the many flaws in the Towns expansions to date, I have attached a “By the Numbers” table which reads right to left, and attempts to quantify what has been done, and what the impact has been (or will be).

by the numbers – stop fv etj

PLEASE, DO NOT approve (I realize this is up to Wake County Board of Commissioners vote) this SUBJECT request as it currently stands.

If it IS approved, PLEASE build in adequate safeguards that regulates rate of annexations and rezonings supported by ensured (defined and paid for) infrastructure support and construction;
AND, provides for a mechanism for VOTING RIGHTS of non town citizens in the ETJ so that their voices can be heard BY VOTE on regulations the Town votes for this ETJ.

In the interim, should you have questions or comment, I can be reached at contacts below.


William Wilkison
7917 Twin Pines Way
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526


One thought on “Comment from William Wilkison

  1. Bill, Thanks for sharing your points which you ai deliver to appropriate parties. Perhaps you remember my go with the committee. I raised the need for a light at the 4 way stop. It is my opinion that Town and State organizations wait until a bad collision of a death happens before doing the only thing that makes sense and put in a light. Just count the number of cars at the intersection now as opposed to years ago. Do you know what will be constructed next to ETE (Tyco) on Purfoy? One more addition to traffic. Good luck getting anyone to listen to you. Janet

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