IS the ETJ necessary for Fuquay to control the developers and ensure they contribute to improve the roads? Comment submitted by JLB. let us know your thoughts.

Comment submitted by JLB: FYI—Reference Wake County UDO 12-11: Currently, when the property owner of a tract of land that is in Wake County’s current urban services area jurisdiction and when that property owner/developer wants to develop that tract of land– AND WHEN THAT TRACT OF LAND IS WITHIN 2,500 feet of a F-V WATER LINE–Wake County’s UDO (Unified Development Ordinance) (and, therefore, Wake County) will not permit the project to proceed until that developer/landowner goes to the Town of Fuquay-Varina’s Planning Office and asks if the Town of F-V wants to permit, inspect, collect fees, regulate, and oversee the project which F-V–the overwhelming majority of the time–does take the project for permitting and approval and regulating and F-V will then require that developer to request that the tract of land be “voluntarily” annexed into F-V to connect to F-V’s available utilities (water lines) and the developer has to pay to run the water lines in the road right-of-ways to reach the tract of land and pay to run the water lines within the development. Furthermore, the developer is required to meet F-V’s requirements and F-V’s and NCDOT’s road improvement requirements even though the tract of land is not in F-V’s ETJ but in Wake County. Sooooo at the present time, b/c of Wake County’s UDO and because of Wake County’s designated and recently revised Urban Services Area , F-V already has reasonable and realistic rights to impose its requirements and regulations on property being developed that is in the county’s jurisdiction when that property is within 2,500 ft of a F-V water line——-2,500 ft is a tiny bit short of 1/2 mile. The ETJ expansion is NOT necessary in order for F-V to impose its regulations, to collect fees, and impose oversight inasmuch as there is already so much development that has occurred and been “voluntarily” annexed to connect to F-V’s water lines.
(I have not come in contact with anyone who lives or owns property in the proposed ETJ expansion area in favor of the proposed action b/c Wake County’s UDO already has reasonable and realistic provisions in place for F-V to impose its regulations and NC DOT road improvements and other F-V improvements as development occurs.)
Are there petitions available for circulation and signature, which would be presented to the Wake County Board of Commissioners for affected property owners and residents who oppose F-V’s proposed ETJ Expansion? Also, are there “Vote No and Oppose F-V’s Proposed ETJ Expansion” t-shirts that attendees could wear to the Wake County public hearings if that type of visual free speech is permitted at the Wake County public hearings? Folks in my community have been asking the above 2 questions.
Wake County UDO:
12-11 Connections to Public or Community Systems
12-11-1 General
(C) Required Connections to Municipal Systems
(1) Subdivisions are required to connect to municipal water or municipal wastewater systems if any part of the proposed subdivision is located within the following distance of an existing municipal water or wastewater system: 50 feet per dwelling unit, provided that the maximum required connection (main extension) distance is 2,500
feet as measured along the probable route of the service line. This connection distance calculation applies independently to water and wastewater systems.

2 thoughts on “IS the ETJ necessary for Fuquay to control the developers and ensure they contribute to improve the roads? Comment submitted by JLB. let us know your thoughts.

  1. I have talked to a lot of people about this, especially those that oppose the ETJ. It just occurred to me that I have yet to meet a developer that is against this ETJ. If the city is doing the ETJ to keep developers contributing above and beyond what they would have to contribute otherwise, then why aren’t the developers helping to fight this? I know the question is slightly rhetorical but I imagine someone could come up with a reasonable answer. Any developers out there want a sign? If so please let me know.


  2. Yes and to buttress the rhetoric above–in our Westbury Manor fight with both F-V and the developer, F-V always tries to end each debate with something like, “well that’s up to the developer and we have no control over it.” This has been their response to all things to do with roads and connections regarding the Royal Creek development next door to us.

    F-V has yearly been voted one of the worst cities in the state for commuting (#6 last year by the TBJ). They appear to be so far out in front of the headlights executing the planning needed for new projects they already have on the books, taking over more of the county should prove nothing short of disastrous. The amount of attention to the fact that they are not capable of managing traffic growth is seen by the amount of press coverage rec’d in recent years. Here’s one of the many:


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