Town meeting this evening.. Please continue to raise your objections

I will be there handing out signs.  Come get yours tonight!

Please post on your social media accounts!

October 19, 2018

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Fuquay-Varina Community Center

820 S Main Street
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526

3 thoughts on “Town meeting this evening.. Please continue to raise your objections

  1. How can one register opposition with Wake county? (I assume they would be the approving authority). In my experience with FV Comissioners regarding annexation and rezoning, after listening in their “public comment” meeting segments, they ignore and dismiss any citizen commentary and vote unanimously to approve.
    So, if opposition is in FV Town Council I really wouldn’t waste my time.
    Hopefully this isn’t the case and Wake County commissioners will listen, understand what a disaster land management is under FV Town control, and deny the ETJ expansion.
    After all, all FV wants is more land to annex and rezone for more houses. With NO paid for plan to install required infrastructure.


  2. William,
    Although the Fuquay Meetings are a waste of time they at least set a precedent so the town cannot say that they heard no negative feedback. You are correct that the Wake County Commissioners are the only ones that matter on this. In the end, they will give a yes or no vote, and if they vote yes then only a court case or a State Legislature change could reverse it. Please e-mail the county commissioners and let them know your thoughts. Early next year when this goes in front of them for a vote I am shooting for 500 residents filling the room in opposition.


    1. Great – you can count on me to be one of the 500 who file in to request (demand) that his expansion be denied. I’ve attended and spoken at 3 separate FV Council meetings regarding rezonings/annexations of lands in the corridor along Purfoy Road between Holland and Angier Roads. After commissioners “listen” to objections, 3 subdivisions have been summarily approved by unanimous vote of council. It certainly appears they had their minds made up before they ever walked in the door.
      One of those subdivisions (Centex) is nearing infrastructure completion and I anticipate will have new homes on it next spring. A second subdivision will be done by CalAtlantic homes (or whomever they are now – I think they were acquired). The third will be a greater than 50 year old community – Glen Futrell has been the petitioner for this venture, yet to be named (far as I know). Combined, these housing communities will add about 2,000 homes in this area – 4,000 more cars and 16,000 more trips per day on 2 lane Purfoy Road. There is no cogent plan to expand the road (except at community entrances by developers, which makes the road even more dangerous.). I wonder where these town “leaders” think they are going to put all the cars from the 8,000 new homes they boast about coming to Fuquay Varina.
      Also worthy of note is the paving over of a huge percentage of water absorbent farm land soil on nearly 2,000 acres of land. I’ve not heard any mention of this “collateral damage” factor that likely significantly contributed to the terrible flooding “down east” during past hurricane. About 1.35 billion gallons of water falls on 2,000 acres in a 25 inch rain. Last time I checked, concrete and roof tops absorb no water, so all of that winds up in Cape Fear or Nuess river basin. Anyway – just wondering how much planning Army Corp or whomever does to manage runoff like that – certainly seems like something to consider before approving another 22,000 acres of land for FV ETJ to be annexed, rezoned, and built upon.
      I can be well prepared to speak to the County Commissioners with numbers, facts, and figures showing what any more annexation/rezoning by this town will do, and point out what would appear to be strong conflict of interest factors amongst several of the voting members of the FV Board of Commissioners ……. it seems that builder/developers, real estate agents, bankers, lawyers, etc. whom would at least appear to gain from such expansions should be recusing themselves from voting – none, to my knowledge, have.
      Anyway – I look forward to staying posted, and to having opportunity to help hold this expansion back if at all possible.
      Thanks for getting this together, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help – I’m going to post the website on Nextdoor.


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