Next Meeting is Wed Sep 26

The next meeting is Wed Sep 26

Date:  September 26, 2018
Time:  5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Location:   Wake Technical Community College Conference Center
Address:   9101 Fayetteville Road Fuquay-Varina, NC
A big thanks to everyone who donated.  We collected $213 dollars so I am ordering another 100 signs.
I intend to be handing out signs and collecting donations tomorrow as well.
I will be unable to attend the Oct. 2nd meeting so if anyone is willing to collect donations and hand out signs during that meeting please let me know.

8 thoughts on “Next Meeting is Wed Sep 26

  1. I can’t make tomorrow’s meeting, but was at the one last night. I appreciate your hard work and thought on this. I can’t make tomorrow’s meeting but I think that one key thing which piques the public’s interest is their loss of a voice. If this can be emphasized at the meeting, I think that gets the momentum going: 1) We pay taxes to Wake County. 2) We are represented by a County Commissioner 3) If we are ETJ’d, we still pay taxes to Wake County 4) however, we are now under the regulations of F-V—under whom we have no voting voice. And we no longer have a voice on those issues through our Wake County Commissioners. We are taxed without meaningful representation. End of story.

    If I could make tomorrow’s meeting (we have a Bible study at our house) that’s what I would say. And if I can make further meetings, that’s what I’ll say.

    Thanks! Catrin Joyner Southwyck neighborhood on Hilltop Needmore


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    1. I emailed several Wake County Commissioner members, and not one even bothered to respond regarding the matter.

      These entrenched bureaucrats need to be voted out this November. Traffic in the 401/Ten-Ten region is now abysmal, and more and more development is green-lighted by these clowns with zero infra improvements. We already see the effects of that through endless transportation bond measures as they shift costs to existing residents.

      Sig Hutchinson – gone!

      Erv Portman – gone!

      I left CA 10 years ago to escape this nonsense, and lo and behold, the same mess is being created here.


    1. All it says is Wake Technical Community College Conference Center. Never been on campus there so don’t know exactly what building… hopefully it is well marked.


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