Services are to be extended to an ETJ within 5 years

(4) Municipal Water and Sewer Service: The
municipality should show how the area
proposed for ETJ expansion will be served by
water and sewer service within five (5) years of
the effective date of ETJ extension. The
systems should be designed with adequate
treatment capacity and adequately sized major
trunk line extensions to service the area
proposed for ETJ expansion. The municipality
should include needed improvements in its
capital improvements program.

If this is the case then lets look at Fuquay’s current ETJ that has been in place since 2001.

Yellow = Fuquay ETJ in place since 2001
Light Blue = area that is part of ETJ expansion request
Dark Blue line= current Fuquay water infrastructure

Fuquay Current Water ETJ

Looking at this map it seems a majority of the existing ETJ is still without services.  In the next 5 years it would be amazing if they serviced the current ETJ let alone the entire ETJ expansion.

Fuquay water Current ETJ snapshot

Here is a zoomed in look at the 401 corridor.  Notice that all this area that has been in the ETJ for 17 years is still not serviced.  Now this may be because people do not want to be annexed but isn’t that the point.  This clearly shows that people even in the existing ETJ do not want to be annexed and are not selling their land to developers as much as the city would like.

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